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What has he done? The words that crept into Korchnoi's mind came from Korchnoi's imagination very easy to do, and very easy to fool oneself.

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To illustrate the effect of even the slightest psychological pressure, I refer to a Labour Weekend game of several zillion years ago in which I got what looked like a very strong attack against a very respected opponent. This was going great guns. I happened to look up at my opponent to see him gazing back with a relaxed and friendly smile. He didn't seem to have a worry in the world. Well, I went back to battering away at the enemy king, and every time I glanced up, that damned unwavering smile. No broad grin, nothing anything like so flashy: just a smile of serene confidence.

You know the rest: exchanges reduced my resources, the attack gradually petered out, and even the Queen vs 2 rook ending proved untenable.

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It don't take much There are many instances of Psy being used as a weapon in major GM tourneys over the decades. Actually,Fischer himself was a victim of such ploys way back in when he sat opposite of Mikhail Tal. Fisher was 16 and Tal was Fischer was "all bubbly with enthusiasm" but Tal was "reserved,imperious,mercurial"and able to put a double whammy on Fischer by staring at him with piercing black eyes between moves. Some say as a result,Fischer was hypnotized,for he was actually ahead during the middle games of four he played against Tal,only to lose the end games for reasons he could not explain.

Tal went on to win 20 points-more than anyone else Fischer got only twelve and a half points and Tal at that time went on to become world champion. Fischer learned from this and never forgot. He put the whammy back on the Russians in which inturn did affect Spassky for sure. Fischer was wont to say of the Interzonal Some of us are like that As for Tal being 'reserved, imperious, mercurial', whose description was that, and how well did he know Tal at the time? From other sources I've heard that Tal was fairly friendly towards Fischer at the time, give or take the natural reserve of strangers.

Looking at the games, Fischer genuinely had much the better of it in the last game, in which Fischer had White. Tal , probably being too cocky, played a line in the Sicilian that, had there been any doubt about it would have been called 'dubious'. Fischer was all over him like a rash and probably should have won. I do not understand that Fischer had any advantage at all at any time in the other three games.

I agree Tal had a strong psychological approach to the game, and no doubt he became aware at some point that people found his look off-putting I've heard it variously desribed as a stare and a brief glance at the opponent - what's to believe? But a good deal of his psychology seemed to involve his style of play: hyper-aggressive, willing to take chances, willing to take a hit to deliver a heavier one - the sort of player you never knew might conjure up something out of nothing.

Imagine the pressure on - the test to - one's tactical imagination - to find the hidden resources before Tal did! I don't reckon Tal needed too much more in the way of 'off the board' shenanighans Young Fischer at the time was very impressionable at the time,being only Tal was infact very friendly with Fischer as many GM's would "appear" to be.

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However,playing across the board from one another is a different matter entirely. As to who mentioned the description of Tal being reserved,imperious and mercurial I met him at the club 12 years later,when I was 16 infact My info is scanty on the match,but alot of older members of the now closed Manhattan club talked constantly about many of his matches and were there personally. At the Marshall Chess Club,where I am a member presently,his legend still lives on Where did you read thissurely, you dont feel you are qualified to make such a judgement.

This assessment is a received one, though it was such a long time ago that I read anything about the match that I couldn't tell you now who said it.

I no longer have GM Gligoric's book on the match lost it decades ago. All I recall is that it has been said by someone whose opinion seemed to me to command respect. But it is an assessment I agree with. I'm not asking anyone else to do so. I fully believe that Spassky wasn't in the match from game 3 to maybe game 11, for reasons I have suggested elsewhere. So from that perspective, no one is really qualified to judge anything about it. As for the game scores themselves, there are maybe one or two that I enjoy replaying. Game 13 my favorite is a fine example of both players' fighting qualities, but I've never heard anyone say that it is a model of accuracy by either side.

Is Coffee a Performance Enhancer in the World of Chess? Not So Fast

Fair enough! However, you might recall reading that when you say Spassky was not in that match from game threethey were saying the same thing about Fischer's candidate match with Taimanov. Taimanov lost six straight games, he certainly wasnt in the match. Ditto Larsen and Petrosian.

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Fischer was so far ahead of his opponents that no one was in the match. I think, I cant prove it that more books were written about the Fischer-Spassky match that all the other world championship matches combined. You mentioned Gligorich's book on the Fischer-Spassky matchI dont think Gligorich said " the quality of the chess at Reykjavik is regarded as about the poorest of any of the World Championship matches. I dont think you sell many books of a chess match that people regard as poor.

Many of the elite Soviet players thought it was a poor matchwhat else could they believe, the Russian lost! Botvinnik thought Spassky had thrown the match for a , dollars.

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  6. Fischer was rolling over these guys like they were playing dead. In the first game with Spassky, it was dead even, and fischer makes a clubhouse move, and loses after a long struggle. Chess players have been more realistic and relaxed about the subject. Me and my chess buddies enjoy a friendly game over espresso; I use a Mr.

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    I enjoy the camaraderie that meeting over coffee strengthens, the competitive yet friendly games that we have, the conversations we enjoy, and the coffee we have. Caffeine Is No Longer Banned Those who are against the use of coffee in sanctioned games point at the fact that caffeine itself has been banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency before.

    Coffee as Cheating There is a precedent in chess history for cheating using coffee.

    Underhanded Chess: A Hilarious Handbook of Devious Diversions and Stratagems for Winning at Chess

    The Real Effect of Drinking Coffee in Chess Games The bottom line is that there is little scientific research done to prove that coffee does provide an unfair advantage in terms of performance enhancement; only allegations of cheating by distraction have really ever been recorded. Needless to say, he got very mad. I spontaneously kept doing this for a few more games to my sole entertainment. Curt von Bardeleben is known as the opponent who never returned. After move 25 in the Battle of Hastings , Steinitz's opponent mysteriously disappeared:.

    At this point, Steinitz's opponent left the tournament hall and never reappeared.

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    By these offensive means he hoped to deprive Steinitz of 'a piece of immortality', There is a book on the topic. It was originally published in the '70s, but apparently has been picked up again by a publisher and is available from on-line booksellers. Bobby Fischer, naturally, gets a lot of ink from the author. It happened at the City of London Chess Club. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. What are some of the most unsportsmanlike conducts witnessed in over-the-board play? Ask Question.

    Underhanded Chess Underhanded Chess
    Underhanded Chess Underhanded Chess
    Underhanded Chess Underhanded Chess
    Underhanded Chess Underhanded Chess
    Underhanded Chess Underhanded Chess
    Underhanded Chess Underhanded Chess

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