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The haunted wood led to Dianas house, but Dianas house is not there now. An old well. A hundred year old apple tree. The cemetery. Back through the haunted woods to Green Gables.

We are sated and happy and we know that Green Gables and all of those old friends will always be here. We had lunch in Avonlea, which is only a faux village. But the lunch was delicious and it was fun. Then we had the rest of our days to spend at the sea. Every night we would go there and find a different spot to feel the great heart beat of the world. The wind and the waves and the sand and the rocks and the caves and the sunsets and the blue sky and the blue water.

If you didn't have obligations, I suppose you would never leave.

Raggedy Ann and Andy Postcard Book

Prince Edward Island baked potatoes with the works for supper is food for kings. The girls were faithful with their journaling. And we did go to Tignish. It was cold and windy.

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We parked at the beautiful old Catholic church and went searching in the cemetery for Claires people. Almost like searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack. But we found them. Claire was so happy.

It made the whole trip even more worthwhile. I have this picture of her in my heart.

Raggedy Kingdom: Raggedy Ann Turns - Raggedy Tree

Kneeling in the wind, brushing off the stone to better read the words. It was a holy feeling. Forest Feast Print Collection. Foiled Journal Frida Kahlo Yellow. Foiled Journal R. Crumb, Fritz the Cat. Jackie Morris Calendar Foiled Journal Frida Kahlo Blue. View Wishlist. Our Awards Booktopia's Charities. Are you sure you would like to remove these items from your wishlist?


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The Raggedy Tree The Raggedy Tree
The Raggedy Tree The Raggedy Tree
The Raggedy Tree The Raggedy Tree
The Raggedy Tree The Raggedy Tree
The Raggedy Tree The Raggedy Tree
The Raggedy Tree The Raggedy Tree
The Raggedy Tree The Raggedy Tree
The Raggedy Tree The Raggedy Tree

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