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Inspired by Andrea Camilleri novels, it is such an institution, that there is a origin story prequel Young Montalbano too. While the first few episodes do require some patience, it does come with a solid pay-off. Still, worth it for the initial twists and turns. Almodovar favorite Cecilia Roth leads the all star Argentine cast in a brutal cat-and-mouse game. Not for the squeemish. At the center is Detective Laure Berthaud, who knows her way around both a grisly murder case and a perfectly layered t-shirt situation and the prosecutor Pierre Clement as they deal with assorted and often, well, messily kinky crimes, corruption and their increasingly sticky personal lives.

FX is back now but the show is still great. The premise is still the same: a body is found on a bridge connecting the two countries, but the mood is well, more Scandinavian.

While all the stories are compelling, Raven Black , based on her most acclaimed book and guest starring the inimitable Brian Cox, is a definite must. The gorgeous setting, which is both vast georgraphically and claustrophobic in terms of community connections, only adds to the tension.

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Haunted by an irreversible family tragedy and dealing simultaneously with a gruesome kidnapping AND her own revenge issues, she faces all her demons and then some. The acting is all around amazing, and hints of Fargo only with really thick, working class British accents are more than lightly noticable and that is a good thing.

Definitely crude, definitely well made, and definitely hilarious. VEXED — If all these sex crimes and insanity have left you wanting some light relief, may we point you to this British comedy-murder-drama mini-series which has aired 2 seasons with hopefully more to come. The show stars Toby Stephens aka son of Maggie Smith! Fluffy yes, but delicious and still very smart. Or does it? The results are funny, charming, and often aggravating, as youth typically is, but Alia Shawkat and John Early are national treasures and we should all support everything they do.

The series opens with her returning home, and then, over the course of five tightly wound, well acted episodes, we follow the many sides of this story. Is Ivy an unreliable narrator? She most definitely is. This is likely to fly under the radar for most people, but that would be a shame. Pair it with The Sinner for the ultimate life-ruining weekend viewing. The second season stars the always amazing Maxine Peak as a seemingly happy?

A complete must see. The limited series asks why seemingly loving, sane wife and mother played with great restraint by Jessica Biel, who got a Globe nomination for her efforts would kill a man in broad daylight in front of her child and husband with a whole town watching. Nothing and no one is what they seem, demons are refusing to be kept at bay and just as you think you know where all this is going it goes somewhere completely else.

At parts it feels almost far fetched, but we dare you to not keep watching. Based on a Val McDermid novel, the story starts on a freezing December night in , year-old Alison Carter took her dog for a walk on the moors in Scardale, a secluded Derbyshire hamlet, and was never seen again. Highly recommended all around. Two reiterations are available: Sleepyhead and ScaredyCat.

Watch them both. Savor it, even if you know the outcome. But as the first season of this gem moves along, Reese Shearsmith and Alex Kingston add a depth to the relationship between a borderline-Aspberger afflicted detective who still somehow understands the mind of a killer better than anyone and his psychiatrist aide who is also a woman, and a mother, making her almost TOO empathetic. Pretty thick accents and no closed captioning available though, so bear that in mind. Toby Kebbel who plays his adversary is a revelation catch him in Black Mirror too, streaming on Instant Netflix.

Sometime in summer? Plus new seasons of: Killing Eve, Luther!!! Feel free to discuss YOUR favorites in the comments and happy watching and puzzle solving everyone!

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Log In Register. Remember Me. Lost your password? Giveaway: San Fermin Club November 12, Best Weekday Bets November 11, Photos See all. Capital Food Fight Recap November 12, Trending Now Week Month. They cap an enjoyable set with a rocket like X-Men cover. Running close to curfew the band still manage to cram in all their well known tunes plus a few fan favourites ensuring nobody leaves disappointed.

South Yorkshire has long been a plucky region. It has needed to be.

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It was left to the likes of Saxon, Def Leppard and the Human League to provide the homegrown musical backdrop to the years of decline. Hands of Gretel were born in Lauren Tate is a girl who has a lot to get off her chest and her cathartic release appears to be cooking up a true shitstorm in certain areas of music business who are naming Hands Off Gretel as a band to watch. I Want The World delivers vitriol and addictive sounds in equal measure. Knock Off left were next up, a three piece from Watford with a couple of cracking albums and singles under their belts.

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UK82 returned to the Club in the shape of The Violators below. The stage was now set for the East End Badoes to make their first ever album launch. There was a large following for them, most of whom piled down the front of the stage to join in the fun. Tony Ghirardi. Founder and bassist of long-serving L. A dark cloud descends with the arrival of the violent, male-dominated hardcore scene. Gerry Ranson. Neil Hodge was there to review the proceedings….


This was a hotly anticipated sold-out gig, with people travelling some distances to attend Dublin, England, North of Scotland. They were most definitely not disappointed. Tarbeach Records label-mates ReAction , Heavy Drapes and The Zips came together to provide a high octane, hundred-mile-an-hour punk rock romp.

The running order had been kept under wraps beforehand to ensure maximum attendance for all bands and the ploy worked. By the time they left the stage packed-out venue was now a veritable sweatbox. He has certainly brought a new vibrancy to the band who were on blistering form. It was a colossal assault on the senses from start to finish. It was down to seminal Glasgow punk legends The Zips to close proceedings. With new songs, imminent albums and forthcoming gigs a-plenty from all three bands, the future looks dazzling for Scottish punk.

Although struggling with man-flu the band deliver an energetic, heel kicking, Beechams assisted full throttle performance. Guy Shankland. FTJ deliver these songs with energy, passion and breathe life into this timeless body of work. Twenty songs in ninety sing-a-long minutes, most sung word for word by the sold out, smiling, Sub89 crowd. Legendary Australian proto-punks Radio Birdman finally arrived in Scotland, almost forty years after their last thwarted attempt.

Art and Steve have backed Birdman guitarist Deniz Tek on various tours and releases, but even as a stripped-down duo of drums and guitar, the twins generated enough energy to power the national grid. Planning on going to any festivals this summer? I have just played three of the best festivals in England.

And most of you will not have heard of them.



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