The Dhampyr and the Regent

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Let's face it who am I to judge anyone else's family? So when I went over to her house for dinner that night as I expected I was met with members of Chicago's most wanted crime family what I didn't bargain for was becoming the mate to the Cullen's heir and next Irish Mafia Boss. Can Bella accept the path her new life is taking? And how will Edward come to terms with the idea that he is responsible for Bella's safety? A Choice by bexie25 reviews The bond between human Bella and vampire Edward is rare in mated vampire couples.

Both fiercely possessive of each other, their connection grows and they learn more about it as they unknowingly head toward a frightening sequence of connected events.

Is their connection strong enough to withstand it? Or will they crumble? It all depends on a choice that begins their story. Outtakes by CaraNo reviews Outtakes and Futuretakes from most of my stories. And the occasional one-shot. Sookie and Eric come to terms with their new relationship. Very romantic, with more action in second half. Told from multiple POV's. Rated M for mature situations. Dirty South Drug Wars by Hoodfabulous reviews Bella and Edward meet at age twelve after the death of Bella's father, a death blamed on the Cullen family.

Their families are sworn enemies, fighting for territory over their rival drug trafficking businesses. A Dirty South Fanfic. No Ordinary Proposal by twilover76 reviews Bella wants to escape her small-town life and live her dreams in New York. What happens when a man almost twice her age makes her an offer she can't refuse? Eric is alone with nothing but a millennium of thoughts and a date with the sun. This was originally written as a One Shot but has progressed to much more.

BECOMING UNDEAD - The Sims 4: Vampires - PART 1

Sookie has become vampire to be with Eric, however, their lives together begin riddled with problems. I try to stick to canon for the first 9 books as much as possible. Gran's Punishment by yerelly reviews This story is set before Sookie meets Eric for the first time. In my story Sookie is a trouble maker and Gran can't keep up with her. Eric and Sookie keep getting in trouble with Gran.

Book The Ethics And The Economics Of Minimalist Government

What will Gran issue as punishment? Read and find out. Sookie has learnt the hard way that you have to fight for what you love , can she and Eric do that the second time around!

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Sixteen years after Weather the Storm. Follow the Skip, Bella, and their kids - now older, wiser, and enmeshed in the family business. How will Edward cope with trying to teach Damion and Sonny the ropes, keeping Kylie out of trouble, and Bella happy?

The Dragon Academy

Does he still have what it takes to juggle all his duties? I live in a world where Trust, Loyalty and Commitment are as important as the air we breathe.. If you don't want to know how Harris ended her book don't read this story. I hated her ending, and felt she betrayed the characters, the story, and us, the paying readers, so I decided to write the ending we all thought we'd get after 13 years. Eric and Sookie all the way!

Eric and Sookie find their way back to one another in this story. Dead among Friends and Neighbors by Thyra10 reviews Ten years ago Sookie was turned against her will. She is now trying to create a new life for herself. One evening a sports car drives up Hummingbird Road and Eric gets out. What does he want? Why is he there?

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And what does this mean for Sookie and her life in Bon Temps? Spoilers for all the books. No Nora or Willa. Angst with smut and a fluffy ending. When business and fate cause her to encounter one Eric Northman, cutthroat businessman and vampire, the world she knows comes tumbling down. M for content in later chapters. When she's put up as collateral, does Bella find what she's always needed in a man from the underworld?

She decides to accept Edward's proposal and their relationship is stronger than ever. Jake's furious and loses his control. Edward drops his boundaries, with unexpected consequences. Lemons Twilight - Rated: More than Bonded by Chileah reviews Sookie has a problem with a certain vampire bill she goes to fangtasia to ask for help from the area sheriff where they immediately realize they are more than mates more than bonded more than fated. Cosmic Love by bexie25 reviews A vampire, Edward's been alone for a long time, always missing the one thing he lives without.

As a hybrid, Bella's never truly fitted in anywhere in her entire life, surrounded by the type of love that she craves. When Bella runs away from home, a chance meeting occurs that will change Edward's and Bella's lives forever. Eric is in Oklahoma with his new wife and Sookie confides in a diary how she feels about her new "normal" life. The journal makes its way to the desk of the Sheriff of Area Five.

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Pam takes steps of her own to ensure that her maker has something to return to at the end of his two hundred year marriage. She is paying the price for her foolishness and wants nothing more then to return to her lost Bonded. Will that ever occur? It is a whole new take on them and their world.

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  8. Sookie didn't meet him right after first meeting Bill, in fact she doesn't meet him until after the take-over and fairy war. While in Dallas Sookie discovers a much darker side of Bill then she had ever been able to imagine. Will Eric and Godric be able to save her? Will she in turn be able to save Godric from himself? Conceptional Thinking by forever is never forever reviews Eric becomes human for one night as a surprise gift for Sookie.

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    However, the gift keeps on giving as Sookie soon finds out. How would the lives of the other Supernaturals been changed by her absence and what would happen if she was suddenly thrust right back in? Sookie the Shieldmaiden by Thyra10 reviews Sookie the Shieldmaiden has chosen to live by the sword. On a raid she meets another Viking warrior - a warrior who will turn her life upside down. Like the books, they met and fell in love. Unlike the books, he proposed on prom night, and she accepted.

    The Dhampyr and the Regent The Dhampyr and the Regent
    The Dhampyr and the Regent The Dhampyr and the Regent
    The Dhampyr and the Regent The Dhampyr and the Regent
    The Dhampyr and the Regent The Dhampyr and the Regent
    The Dhampyr and the Regent The Dhampyr and the Regent
    The Dhampyr and the Regent The Dhampyr and the Regent
    The Dhampyr and the Regent The Dhampyr and the Regent

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