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It's probably because tanbi, like its name, pursues beauty both in language and storyline. It's not simple and fast-paced like the modern BL stories. Tanbi is like shounen ai , no longer written but important in the evolution of modern BL.

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Tanbi sometimes is used interchangeably with boys' love by bookstores, but that's an old usage. Ai no Kusabi was lovely.

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Cultural prorogation in mainland China : a case study of BL culture. DC Field Value Language dc.

Most BL comics depicted hopeless love of boys. Tanbi is a Japanese word, it can be attributed the same meaning as aestheticism.

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BL is a kind of emotion always can only be seen in literary output due to its strict conditions. BL ought to be explained like this, a beautiful boy is falling love with somebody else, by coincidence, it is a beautiful boy.

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In other word, BL is just a kind of comic form. The researchers in Japanese comics always concentrated on its social influences, characteristics, conditions, etc.

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