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Despite the many years still ahead of him, Rone has already come a long way, being one of the most acclaimed young French musicians on the electronic scene. His videos have spread all over the World Wide Web with the speed of light and his powerful liveset has been appreciated from Sonar Festival to Panorama Bar.

Post-Maloya EP is characterized by vivid dream-like journey through which traces a path of exploration. Here you will find the maloya stamp, which is Reunionese traditional music, both in the rhythms and the instruments used, like the valiha. This traditional tubular harp from Madagascar is played by Vola on the track 'Jaojoby'. Vola was taught by Rajery himself, who is widely considered as master of this instrument.

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This track is an homage to Jaojoby, king of Salegy, a popular musician in Madagascar. The hypnotic sounds evoke distant dimensions and resonate like shamanic incantations whose aim is to gently lead us towards the trance. As the title suggests - 'Post-maloya' is the exploration of new musical processes mixed with the use of traditional maloya instrumentation. This is an appropriate name for this new opus, which is more electronic and percussive; carving an experimental path between electronic and traditional music.

From techno to classical, and back again - the Versus project continues to morph and evolve, with the release of four remixes from the eponymous album. After all, Carl Craig's canonical techno has always lent itself particularly well to hybridization with modern classical, jazz and classic rock forms - even muzak. From an initial recording, the project birthed a full-length containing two original Francesco Tristano compositions alongside symphonic versions of Carl Craig classics, reworked in the studio by the man himself.

Hot on the heels of a live synth-only tour that hit Sonar, Detroit's Movement and S4W Festival London in ; and celebrating the reprise in at more mythical venues London's Barbican and Berlin's Funkhaus , we hand-picked a clutch of up-and-coming producers to push the project further into techno territory. Always kinetic and just a bit dark, French producer Antigone lightens it up a tad with his version of At Les, built on a vintage beat reminiscent of the early days of IDM, when the genre was still bridging "dance" and mind-melting ambient washes.

The EP is book-ended by The Melody, for the final track another version of in the form of a harder slice of functional, dancefloor-ready techno by Dutch producer Tom Trago.

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We're out of synonyms for "banger", but this one will definitely please the DJs - and crowds. It's a belvedere overlooking the rich and extravagant cultural crossroads of Saint-Denis de la Reunion, a laboratory of Creolism and musical blending, where he composes his music on hi-tech machines, sketching out celestial electronic symphonies whilst cultivating a deep connection with the soil.

Vood oo ' is the new emblematic EP from leading French electronic music producer Rone. In a similar fashion to previous Eps 'So So So' and 'Apache', 'Vood oo ' acts as a medium between two albums, gathering a handful of exclusive and essential tracks. Initially entitled ' oo ', 'Vood oo ' well and truly set itself free of its original studio carcass to become a brand new live monster; malignant and roaring, powerfully transported by a demonic loop.

With a fine strings epilogue composed by Vacarme a group that labelmate Gaspar Claus is a part of , your favourite shaman is summoning his creature for the last time in order to impose a silence that will leave us all dazed and confused. On 'Dolls' the musician enthrals the listener with a nocturnal and contemplative nursery rhyme. A rare synth classic lovingly reissued. Dystopian sci-fi drones and otherworldly melodies drift across the stereo spectrum, creating a multi-layered, deeply immersive listening experience.

Andy Votel on "Visons of Dune" "As a long-time fixture at the far-end of my Euro-electronic shelf this Gallic-magnetic conceptual synth-pop classic has been in risky disc-jockey orbit waiting over 30 years for the right time to touch-down on planet earth to re-fuel.

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With the recent critical resurrection of Jodorowsky's un-made version of Herbert's sci-fi blast-masterpiece and more and more electronic music fans veering from dance-music into the sub-genres of PINA and Dark Ambient the eve of the original novels 50 year anniversary seems like the perfect time to unleash this lost slice of Zeuhl-skool modular-pop constructed by Grenoble born synthesist Bernard Szajner. Zed however paints every page black and silver and is still one leaf ahead. Ein emotional ergreifendes Werk!

Zwischen Demokratie und Anarchie positionieren sie ihr freies System im perfekten Gleichgewicht als kollektive Freiheit. For them, the word means a journey in a limitless space and time frame, which brought them to get to meet, whereas they were living hundreds of kilometres from each other.

From their encounter came out a first EP entitled 'We are the Same' released by the very respected net label, Phatt Sounds. A dark and cinematic atmosphere can characterize their Music.


They build up their musical outputs with ready-to-rumble basslines, vicious synth-waves and explosive hi hats. Its four tracks are equally sick and euphoristic and display a sound power, which will set fire to any dancefloor. The original version of 'Beats' is a freaky and well-balanced piece of folk music. Its lyrics are about body transportation and spiritual dematerialization. But in the hands of Chloe, Turzi and Cubenx the beat boxes substitute the drums, the vocals get distorted, the track deconstructs itself as well as the walls fall between the genres.

Leading figure of the 'Kraut-rock' revival in France, TURZI Record Makers starts his remix with the original vocals and guitar parts but then turns it into a highly psychedelic ride on analogue waves driven by a celestial xylophone. A trip heading straight to the stars! Ltd ed white label. Behind this alias hide two mysterious activists, whose spirits are permeated by surrealism and by early 90 nineties DIY. Pedro Soler and Gaspar Claus 'Barlande' sees a limited vinyl release.

Superposition, the eponymous track, factorises concrete textures and acid sonorities, and applies an unstoppable kick. A first exponential sample, which reconciles electronic abstraction and dancefloor efficiency. While Inside the Neighbor's Cat's head seems to define the outlines of an inner and inspired post-rock, Requiem for a Unique Illusion restores the elegance of organic harmonies.

House Electronica Hip-Hop Reggae. A1: Awa M. Beats Electro Experimental. Vanessa Wagner add artist to watchlist Inland. Pop Klassic. Carl Craig add artist to watchlist Versus - Beatless. Pop Jazz. Labelle add artist to watchlist Ochestre Univers. Prakash Sontakke. House Electronica. House Minimal Slow Neotrance. Deena Abdelwahed add artist to watchlist Khonnar. Deena Abdelwahed add artist to watchlist Khonnar Limited Edition.

La Fraicheur add artist to watchlist Self-fulfilling Prophecy Remixes. Techno Techno. Rone add artist to watchlist Mirapolis Rmxs. House Tech Neotrance. La Fraicheur add artist to watchlist Self Fulfilling Prophecy 2x12". Techno Detroit Techno Deep. House Deep Electronica Beats Experimental.

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Rone add artist to watchlist Tohu Bohu 2x12". Gaspar Claus. Labelle add artist to watchlist Post-Maloya. House Neotrance Techno Techno Deep. Carl Craig add artist to watchlist Versus Remixes. Ballake Sissoko.

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House Electronica Beats Electro. Pop Classics. Rone add artist to watchlist Vood 00 Ep.

House Electronica Tech. Clara Moto add artist to watchlist Joy Departed. Beats Electro Bass. Pris Wayland Blindfold Feat. House Electronica Beats Experimental. A1: Duke B1: Spice. Beats Ambient Electro. Rone add artist to watchlist Creatures. Ali G. Jazz Band Favourites. Chris Barber.

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Keep It Turned On. Rick Astley. Killing Kind. Shelby Lynne. Kontor Top of the Clubs, Vol.


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