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Touching Souls

Ear-marking needs to take place before the herd begins the swim across the fjord; by the time they have reached the mainland, many calves will have separated from their mothers. A small boat follows the herd, ready to assist any calves that are not strong enough to swim the distance.

Every part of the reindeer was once used by herders; the antlers to make buttons, the blood for sausages and the skin for snow shoes, which were then stuffed with sedge grass for extra warmth. You could say that our souls touch, or better still, they overlap. If one calf starts swimming in a different direction, the entire herd can follow. The swim takes approximately 30 minutes. In , she created a vessel for her images in the form of SoulCards.

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In private sessions, she creates a series of drawings inspired by the subtle presence of the person she is with. Deborah has also developed the art of Interpretive Touch Drawing. Sitting with her drawing board at a lecture, she listens into the heart of the content and translates it into timeless poetic imagery. She has a unique way of holding space for people to dive deep into their souls.

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Drawing upon many years of involvement with sacred ceremonial arts and contemporary spirituality, Deborah crafts each workshop as a transformative experience. She holds space during the drawing sessions with live music; using her voice, drum, chimes and singing bowls to generate a sacred sound field. Each summer since , she has convened the Annual Touch Drawing Gathering , the deepest event of the year.

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She is an artist of High Being. Jean Houston Ph.

A Touch of Soul (Souls of Salem Chronicles, #1)

The images are magnificent shimmers that evoke deep wonder. Though each painting was done intuitively, it radiates rootedness in reality.

What a wonderful relief from New Age artists who cannot paint the mystical without leaving the earth behind. Creation Spirituality Magazine.

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I feel pulled to look at the pictures again and again. The world needs more of her touch.

Helen Lindquist Bonny Ph.

Souls Touch Souls Touch
Souls Touch Souls Touch
Souls Touch Souls Touch
Souls Touch Souls Touch
Souls Touch Souls Touch
Souls Touch Souls Touch
Souls Touch Souls Touch
Souls Touch Souls Touch

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