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Adeline has donated countless hours volunteering for the PWA at the Home Office, and her constant smile and willingness to work hard make her everyone's favorite volunteer. Congratulations Adeline! Unfortunatley, Barbara Ciepiela was hospitalized a few days before the event, so Krystyna Nowobilski was invited to take her place at the last minute; she was kind enough to share with the audience her story of bainshment and exile as a WW II survivor on very short notice. Council 27 President Bo Padowski welcomed the guests and turned the microphone over to Teresa Makowski, President of Group and one of the main organizers of the evening.

Makowski gave a brief overview of Poland's long history of persecution by its neighbors -- Russia from the east and Germany from the west.

The two foes of Poland united in the early days of World War II to invade Poland and both countries, Nazi Germany under Hitler and the Soviet Union under Stalin, began their systematic purges of the Polish population in what amounted to a genocide of the Polish people -- one of the most woefully undocumented events of 20th-century history. The three survivors' stories brought that history to life. Moderator Janusz Kopec interviewed them, asking questions about their lives and the events of the years from to , when the War finally ended and all three of them found themselves in safety and freedom once again.

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The interviews were conducted in Polish, and Glos Polek editor Mary Piergies Group acted as interpreter, summarizing in English the questions and answers for those members of the audience who did not understand Polish. Maria Pawlik of Group contributed her acting skills to the solemn atmosphere of the evening by reading poems and documents from the time.

Ryszard Makowski provided the musical background, which included songs and hymns that Polish refugees and POWs composed during the many years of banishment from their homeland. Helena Nowicka was 14 when Soviet soldiers came to her home in Eastern Poland in the middle of the night and exiled the entire family to Siberia, where they lived and worked in labor camps in subhuman conditions.

Krystyna Nowobilski's story was similar. Her father was an officer in the Polish Army and it was only luck that saved him from being captured and executed in Katyn. Krystyna age 7 , her mother, and her two older sisters were also exiled to Siberia and their journey subsequently took them to Iran, Africa, and England, before she and her husband emigrated to the United States in , where she started a family and became an artist. Her love of Africa, where she first attended school, continues to resonate through her life and her art. After his release, he joined the Polish underground, was captured again, and sent to Nazi concentration camps before being liberated by the Allied Forces and finally able to start a new life as an immigrant in the United States.

Trela's son-in-law, John Schoen, read a summary of his wartime experiences, and then Mr. Trela answered questions posed by the moderator. The stories made us cry and they made us laugh as the survivors recalled some of the touching moments in their journeys of exile and some of the ways they and their families were able to keep their humanity and their hope alive in spite of the hardships they had to endure.

It was a memorable evening and sincere thanks are expressed to Council 27 and all of the organizers of the event for such an emotional and unforgettable experience. We express our gratitude to Mrs. Nowicka, Mrs. Nowobilski, and Mr. We wish Mrs. Ciepiela a speedy recovery and a return to full health, and we hope that she will be able share with us her story of Siberian exile and long journey to the United States another time in the near future. National President Delphine Huneycutt made a few remarks at the end of the evening. The Dinosauria team was also present showing real dinosaur bones and presenting a slide show to the participants.

Snacks were served in the evening followed by breakfast in the morning.

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The program was well-planned and everything was covered in this popular fundraiser. What was the kids' favorite question: "When can we do it again? Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Chicago. It was his first visit to our offices since his ordination as Bishop in August at Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago.

Bishop Wypych was born, educated and ordained in Poland. He has served in a number of Chicago area parishes since He toured the Museum and viewed the exhibit a day after accepting his award on February 11, , in Chicago. The annual charitable event is sponsored by the Legion of Young Polish Women. Congratulations, Jacquelyn! PWA ST.

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Chicago, IL-The second annual St. Part of the proceeds from the event and raffle were donated to the Anawim Shelter for the Poor in Chicago. In addition, many in attendance made donations before the afternoon was over. For information on how you can help the Shelter, please contact Mrs. Cleaver St. The Shelter helps the poor, homeless, and other underserved individuals in the Polish American community in Chicago. In the photo, from left, Allison Koppel, Executive V. Self-Portriat Stanislaw Wyspianski is one of the most beloved and prolific of Poland's artists.

A painter, poet, playwright, set and costume designer, stained glass artist, interior decorator, furniture maker, and architectural restorer, Wyspianski was an artistic, literary, and cultural icon and a well-respected intellectual who was known and admired in all of 19th-century Europe as well as in Poland.

As an artist, he was part of the Viennese Secession movement started by Gustav Klimt in Austria, and in Poland he was one of the most prominent members of Mloda Polska the Young Poland movement. His graphic legacy is visible throughout Krakow today: in the unique floral and geometrical murals painted inside the Church of St. Francis of Assisi; in the stained glass windows there and in three windows he designed for the Wawel Cathedral which were finally installed a century after his death; and in his collected works, which fill a museum named for him that is a branch of the National Museum in Krakow.

Some of his most famous paintings and drawings depict women and children. He also loved to draw and paint flowers, a common theme for many Secessionist artists. His plays are just as well-known and critically acclaimed as his paintings and drawings. The largely symbolic plays combined a deep nationalism and patriotism, calling for Poland's independence and the preservation of her cultural identity, with the modernism that was prevalent in the arts at the turn of the last century.

It is considered to be one of the best Polish dramas of the 20th century. Sleeping Stas artist's son. The key theme in his dramas and essays was freedom of the individual, which resonated with the Polish people who were living under foreign partition at the time. In his paintings, his themes were profoundly Polish.

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He loved to paint children and mothers, as well as people he knew and saw in the streets of Krakow and in the surrounding villages. He often painted subjects wearing their traditional Polish costumes. His works display a deeply-felt patriotism and a love of Polish traditions and culture.

Girl with Flowers Helenka, artist's daughter. Wyspianski was truly a multifaceted genius, a man for all seasons, who excelled at every form of art to which he turned his extraordinary talents.

He lived only to the age of 38, but in that short amount of time he was able to accomplish and leave behind an astonishing body of work that remains popular and beloved more than years after his death. Click on the links below to see more of his paintings and drawings and to learn more about his poems and plays.

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Stained-glass window Franciscan Church, Krakow. Meredith Bayus presents flowers to President Lech Walesa. Before Walesa began his speech, a group of seven excited Zamek dancers representing all ages welcomed the former President as he entered the plant. The group waved Polish flags as they sang the Polish national anthem and presented him with a bouquet of white daisies and red poppies, Poland's national flower. Having them greet the former President of their homeland is perhaps the most exciting way we could ever expose them to Polish culture," said Stross.

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Stross and Beth Ann Bayus also were members of the Zamek dance troupe that won the PWA national dance competition in and toured Poland during the summer of while it was still under communist rule. Ironically, the very next year, the same man that they greeted at JNAP on April 26 would begin the Solidarity movement that changed the world. After talking with the dancers, Walesa posed with the troupe for photographs from the dozens of media in attendance. Walesa's grin when he came into the building and saw them said it all.

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The World Summit is recognized as among the most important annual events in the field of peacemaking, attracting hundreds of high-profile leaders and organizations around the world. The Jeep brand is one of the sponsors of the Summit. Walesa founded Solidarity in and went on to receive the Nobel Peace Prize in He served as the President of Poland between and In his introduction of the former President, Chrysler Group Chairman Marchionne said, "It is not often in life that you get to spend time with someone who has played a vital role in changing the course of history.

Lech Walesa is one of those rare leaders who represents a true turning point in our collective life, for what he has done and for the way he has inspired the world. The goal of WCM is to reduce waste by improving safety, quality and efficiency. Before touring Poland in the early '70s, the troupe had no formal name. However, when they saw the Royal Castle in Warsaw being rebuilt after its destruction during World War II, the group was inspired to adopt the name "Zamek," which in Polish means "castle. Students range in age from two to adults.

After a full season of hard work, the troupe presents a recital of Polish dance, tap, jazz and ballet numbers every spring. They also are asked to perform at numerous community functions throughout the year, including Polish Night at Comerica Park, local parades, and several ethnic festivals.

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  5. Zamek's long standing tradition has been to select and honor a dancer as queen for the year. After her crowning, the queen represents the dance troupe at many cultural events until she passes her crown to a new queen the following year. Polish Women's Alliance of America is a fraternal benefit society founded in Chicago in It has 50, members nationwide and has been serving Polish American families for over years.

    To learn more about PWA financial products and services or to how to become a member, please visit www.

    Prison! My 8,344th Day Prison! My 8,344th Day
    Prison! My 8,344th Day Prison! My 8,344th Day
    Prison! My 8,344th Day Prison! My 8,344th Day
    Prison! My 8,344th Day Prison! My 8,344th Day
    Prison! My 8,344th Day Prison! My 8,344th Day
    Prison! My 8,344th Day Prison! My 8,344th Day
    Prison! My 8,344th Day Prison! My 8,344th Day
    Prison! My 8,344th Day Prison! My 8,344th Day
    Prison! My 8,344th Day Prison! My 8,344th Day

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