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Collective Names for Groups of Animals

Could you correct it? Dov Ber is the Hebrew followed by the yiddish translation, just like Tzvi Hirsch. Does Chabad agree with this? It's certainly all very interesting. It's a verb root being linked etymologically with an organ.

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Probably has something to do with a mother's love for a child. I might have read about this somewhere in the commentaries in Shemot. I am Jewish through my mother she named Amanda Jane could you tell me what my name means in Hebrew please? Thank you. An educated guess The following comment is that of a layman-For an authorized Official answer you should meet personally with an Orthodox Rabbi.

Shabtai is spelled with as Tet; Shabbath with a Tav. No, Shabtai IS, in fact, spelled with a Tav. However, I would like to clarify two little things: weasels aren't rodents: they're far more closely related to bears, in fact. Even more surprisingly, hyraxes are close relatives of elephants! Well said. Because male cardinals are beautiful while female cardinals are bland all the better to hide while perched on a nest guarding eggs. That's a male ibex too, but I see you are not so picky when it comes to goats I didn't know, I'm far more well versed in birds than in ibexes.

Nevertheless, thank you for telling me. And for 7, bird, does the name Feiga have the same meaning as Feigel? Yes to both. Tzvia is the word for a doe in modern Hebrew and seems to make the most sense as the feminine version of Tzvi. Some argue that Tzivia is a distinct Biblical name that may derive from tzav - army, and thus mean army of G-d Reply. Ok, thank you! Here's a great tip! Enter your email address to get our weekly email with fresh, exciting and thoughtful content that will enrich your inbox and your life. No Thanks. Subscribe Subscribe.

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List of Bands with Animal-Themed Names

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Jewish Practice. In this article: 1. Lion M 3. Wolf M 5. Fish M 6. Bear M 7. Bird F 8. Dog M 9. Bee F Ibex F Names That Never Made It.

If you enjoyed this article, we encourage you to distribute it further, provided that you comply with Chabad. What Does the Name Shaindel Mean? What Does the Name Hadassah Mean?

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The Chinese Years of the Animals

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Join the Discussion Sort By:. Newest Oldest. Post Anonymously. Email me when new comments are posted. Please send me Chabad. We will not share your email address. Posting Guidelines. Prior to the June launch of our Victims of Charity campaign, we invited people who are suffering from diseases such as cancer and heart disease to get in touch with us, and declare their opposition to the animal experiments that are conducted in their name.

Below you can read the heartfelt statements we received. This is an extremely important aspect to our campaign, and we would like to thank everyone who was kind enough to get involved. I am a type 2 non-insulin dependent diabetic, and could possibly be facing quite a bleak future healthwise. Despite all of that, I am totally and utterly against vivisection. I believe that animals should have rights the same as humans, and freedom from pain and cruelty is a major right. Animals are not ours to do with as we please. Besides, it has been extensively proven that results from animal experimentation are not transferable to humans.

Definitely NOT in my name. I may have a life-threatening condition, but I don't want diabetes to threaten the life of any animal because of it. Humans seem to think that animals were put here purely for our "use". The experiments carried out on animals are irrelevant some scientists and doctors are now telling us this and there are cruelty-free alternatives available. I will not give to any charity that uses animals in experiments, even Diabetes UK, whilst they continue to torture animals in our name.

I have to live with my condition, I don't expect an animal to suffer or lose its life because of it — that is arrogance beyond belief. I unknowingly married into a family affected by Huntington's disease. This is a genetic disorder in which the brain cells degenerate causing behavioural and movement disorders. It is a dominant gene. If you have the gene you will get the disorder. There is now a presymptomatic test and both my daughters have tested positive.

I live in hope that scientists will find a way of either preventing the onset of this horrendous disease or of succeeding to slow down the progression once it starts. However in order to experiment they are using hundreds of genetically modified mice. No matter how horrendous the disease I do not see we have the right to inflict such devastating symptoms on innocent mice. Apart from which how can results from mice show what will happen with humans.

My Name is Animal My Name is Animal
My Name is Animal My Name is Animal
My Name is Animal My Name is Animal
My Name is Animal My Name is Animal
My Name is Animal My Name is Animal
My Name is Animal My Name is Animal

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