Jovas Harvest Complete Collection Graphic Novel

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That is, learn to accept all ideas, without prejudice, and examine them each in turm. People ask: ''What is it about that school that attracts so much talent? Voices of Triumph, Anointed Voices and other talented musicians.

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Some of the nonmusical expression of art include po- etry, drama, and instrumental performance. What an exciting year this was for O. Exhilarating events were attended by the stutient body included: poetry reading by Gumbo, a drama presentation in the form of a play called Mental Slavery by Mkt: nonnia Swahili for Hands with a Purpose , a miming presentation performed by K and K Mimes, and pianist Mark Payne.

As a student it is not easy to balance school, social life and practice our variety of talents. Nonetheless these students did a spectacular job. Victor do your thang. Playing the cello is no easy task, but these two make it look soo easy.. Play for Jesus Rose. On November 11, , loran Hall was filled to capacity, as students waited eagerly to wit- ness the drama presentation "Men- tal Slavery.

The stucfent's minds were filled with appreciation for what their ancestors had done for them. This drama also allowed students to reevaluate their own lives to see what they could do for others. The drama "Mental Slavery "focuses on a slave that has struggled and has enterrd 1 to see his Great, Great, Great, Grandson. The slave is not pleased with his grandson's choice of life style. They came creatively and si- lently on October 7, , to Moran Hall auditorium.

For yearrs they have been traveling the country spreadmg the love of Christ in a powerfully silent way. Their preciseness in movement was intrigu- ing to everyone that attended. This was just another Thursday night that touched our hearts. Never Again. Eaci jir poerii decided which. They've fought a good fight and will keep on striving They've finished the course and will continue to achieve They are Seniors!!!

Q 67 oemors Presidents Message ''Discovery consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else and thinking some- thing different. Economists, historians, politicians, and religious leaders predicted worldwide havoc as January 1, stepped closer each day. Meanwhile, as the world com- munity waited like a nervous expecting mother, a chosen group of men and women in Huntsville, Alabama, saw the millenium and thought something else: an opportunity to march steadfastly in the will of God.

Through prayer, poise, passion, pain, and persistence, we made it. For many of us the " t"' may represent various things. During our tenure at Oakwood, we made good and bad grades; we made money and the most of what we had.

During our stay in Peterson, Carter, Wade, Edwards, and Cunnigham we made friendships and late night snacks. From Knight Hall to Moseley Com- plex, we made our professors conduits of profuse knowledge, and for some of us we made a quiet nap in the back of class. Regardless of what we made, the fruits of our meager hands are trivial morsels of human concern when compared to what God will make of us.

As we enter offices and graduate schools across the span of the globe we must visualize the destiny God has for us. These years at Oakwood would have been unavailing if we reach our destination but not arrive at God's destiny. God's destiny does not call for us to sit, wait, and expect, but it demands us to adapt, improvise, and conquer. I charge you, class of , not to march to the beat of fame and fortune, but to stride to the cadence of the Living and Almighty God.

Secretary; Sharon Fubbler, Asst. Bonaparte, ;! Bright, Troy R. Cameron, Orville D. Denard,ShavonM Diggs. Dixon, e wan Dizard, Crica J. Gaskin Lequitta N. Griffin VandeonD. Griffith Kareem J. Holiday Tracey S. Hughes ChericiaN. Jackson, Robert J. James, Glenette B. Johnson, Gregory B. Lewis, Joseph P.

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McDonald, Lisa K. Onwere, Christopher K. Opoku-boateng, TIdwoa S. Osborne, Cheryl Y. Sims, Telisa D.

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Skeete, Linda L. Stewart Sean V. Lathan B.

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Thomas, JosianG. Thomas, William G. Tucker, Mchael e. Ware, Kevin J. Did ya have a few a falls'? Ernie, Julian, and Virginia, smiles to last a lifetime. Seniors you've been there, done that. Now it's time to get up and out. Looking back it was worth the late nights, the extra trip to Wal-Mart, the hugs and kisses, yell- ing and screaming , long lines, redial but- ton, 40 page paper, curfew, rent, utilities, transcript fee, recomendations, Thanksgiv- ing in the Ville, Nashville, Boaz, Atlanta, and Birmingham, snacks for a quarter, a gallon of water, chapel fines, that date to the Banquet, mud on your shoes, a bad hair day, R.

Never Again!

Ik ' Mark you're not a bad looking guy! And Out Chicago State University October 2] Moran Hall glowed with an Autumn sun while jubiliant seniors lifted their voices in praise to the God who sits high and looks low. Although Moran was not packed out, Vinson Jones Senior class President made it evident that all we needed was the Holy Spirit in the room.

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Bennet Wooley led in a dynamic prayer that took us to the throne room of God. Then reassurance was found when Bron Jacobs gave Bibhcal guidance in finding God's will for one's life. Scripture after scripture was hsted to aid that one who doesn't know what will happen after the cap and gown are taken off. God's prescense was truly felt. Ocniors Anika , Dana, and Eric in liarmony.

And they said they found out 20 minutes earlier! Ill oeniors HH '. James Doggette gave a tinieley message charging the seniors to defy complacency. Senior Presentation: the half- way mark, the light at the end of the tunnel next to the last hurra before graduation. Pre- sentation, what's so great about it? Well, this event not only keeps one's eyes on the prize of graduation, but it gives one a the reason to endure.

Presenation reminds us we should endure through exams, late transcripts and recomendaiions, 40 page re- search papers, senior dues, yearbook retakes, an extra loan, 21 credit hours and home study, and a host of other trials unique to seniors. Senior Presenation puts things in per- spective. It tells us that it won 't he long and never again.

Nothing could be better than having Elder Marshall T. Kelly pi'ay a. Rwandla's response had every senior on their feet. Maybe you should change your major, Candie. Arceneaux Jr. Computer Science. Robert Thomas Computer Info. Louis Monique St. Sarah Doepke Bus. Computer Info.

McLemore John Jr. Yuel Boyce Biology mm. Accounting Marc Fulton Jr.

Jovas Harvest Complete Collection Graphic Novel Jovas Harvest Complete Collection Graphic Novel
Jovas Harvest Complete Collection Graphic Novel Jovas Harvest Complete Collection Graphic Novel
Jovas Harvest Complete Collection Graphic Novel Jovas Harvest Complete Collection Graphic Novel
Jovas Harvest Complete Collection Graphic Novel Jovas Harvest Complete Collection Graphic Novel
Jovas Harvest Complete Collection Graphic Novel Jovas Harvest Complete Collection Graphic Novel
Jovas Harvest Complete Collection Graphic Novel Jovas Harvest Complete Collection Graphic Novel
Jovas Harvest Complete Collection Graphic Novel Jovas Harvest Complete Collection Graphic Novel

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