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We clear up the myths with the help of experts, and you might want to put your glass of wine down for this one…. It's derived from the erroneous folk story that drinking a potion made from the hair of the rabid dog which bit you can cure the effects of the bite. And even for those who rarely suffer hangovers, a quick-fix might be seen as the best option to minimise the alcohol effects. That can be experienced as a hangover. Many believe that, because blood sugar levels rise when you drink alcohol, and then drop again dramatically when you stop, having one more drink will help lift them again slowly without the extreme spike.

The brain and body will need time to recover the pre-binge state. If any of this is a concern, book an appointment with your GP to discuss further. Clearly, the only way to truly beat a hangover is to not drink… or at least drink a little less. It contains five electrolytes present in blood, whereas most sports drinks only contain around two.

Coconut water contains more potassium than a banana, natural sugars and sodium in a healthy ratio, which can help you to feel better. And if you can face it, try to eat a good breakfast.

Eggs contain amino acids to help boost liver function and contain a host of nutrients to help replenish your body. Research suggests that eggs also contain cysteine, an amino acid that helps combat the effects of a hangover by counteracting the poisonous effects of acetaldehyde.

They also provide a slow release of energy to help get you through the day.


A cat nap will also help boost energy levels, while a brisk jog may seem like pure hell — but it will help. Maybe just stick to a soft drink this time.

Nazareth Hair of the Dog

If you're worried about the amount you, or someone you know, is drinking, it's important to seek help. Book an appointment with your GP who can refer you to an addiction specialist if necessary. Alternatively, try one of the following resources:.

Hair of the dog

Every hangover is different and every drinker has their own tricks for recovery. You have to realize that six ounces of gin is three times the average shot of liquor. So, yes, this is a 'hair of the dog' recipe in that you're adding more liquor to your post-drunk experience. Effectively, you are putting off the pain.

Angostura Bitters and LaCroix

At best, you may be easing out of the nasty effects of your hangover as the liquor leaves your body at a more controlled rate than it did overnight. Is this method effective or are you just prolonging the pain?

  1. the hair of the dog (that bit you).
  2. 'Hair of the dog' won’t cure that hangover -- ScienceDaily.

That is going to depend on your body and how much you continue to drink after sipping this spicy drink. It's a decision you need to make and if you're headed to work or have to drive anywhere, I definitely do not recommend this.

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There is a lot of gin in this recipe and that means that this is going to be a very potent drink. If you were to mix up a Hair of the Dog using the proof Bulldog or an equivalent , then it would weigh in at around 34 percent ABV 68 proof. Let's put that into perspective for a minute.

This is just a few steps below the bottling strength of the gin 40 percent ABV or 80 proof. It is also stronger than any of the Corpse Reviver recipes and those are said to 'wake the dead' drunk from their stupor. Total: 3 mins Prep: 3 mins Cook: 0 mins Yield: 1 serving.

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Nutrition information is calculated using an ingredient database and should be considered an estimate. Ingredients Steps Comments. Pin Share Email print.

Pour the Bulldog Gin and Tabasco into an ice-filled cocktail shaker. Shake generously. Strain into a chilled old-fashioned glass. Garnish with a chili pepper.

Hair of the Dog Hair of the Dog
Hair of the Dog Hair of the Dog
Hair of the Dog Hair of the Dog
Hair of the Dog Hair of the Dog
Hair of the Dog Hair of the Dog
Hair of the Dog Hair of the Dog
Hair of the Dog Hair of the Dog
Hair of the Dog Hair of the Dog

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