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So stick to your convictions and do not feel in any way that this a negative experience needing to be explained.

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Remember your child is not a risk to others but potentially at risk so home is the best place anyway. Look at the weeks ahead as a gift of time with your child you would otherwise have given to the school.

Teach your child some new stuff she might not get at school like trips to the museums. Have fun and do not allow negatives to be a part of this experience. Warren, I am sure the kid with the chicken pox has to stay home, too.

It has always been that way dating back at least as far as 40 years ago when I was in school, long before mandatory chicken pox vaccines. This is patently silly. My kids and my niece got the vaccine, at different times, and yet all three got chicken pox anyway — one got it TWICE!

After being vaccinated! No one has a religious objection to the chicken pox vaccine specifically. Either the child has not had any vaccines or her parents lied to get an exemption from only that shot.

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So some kid in her class who has a parent on chemo is going to bring home the disease. And frankly, refusal to provide medical care to a child is one place where I draw the line on parental rights. There are way too many cases of children who die because their parents think antibiotics are a sin. Great points!

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I think the mother has every right to demand a tutor and access to the same education all of the other children are getting. As far as keeping the healthy unvaccinated child home, that makes no sense.

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Life is dangerous, disease exists, people pass diseases around and you cannot blame anyone for getting sick, it is an inherent risk of being alive. If you never want to catch anything from anyone else, you have the right to isolate yourself, but I bet you will still catch some viruses throughout your life. Herd immunity does not exist. Vaccine immunity wears off unlike naturally immunity. So unless your child lives on an island of only other children with no adult contact, your child is no more at risk from an unvaccinated kid in their classroom than an unvaccinated waitress handling their food.

Medical treatment is an individual choice. She should have already had this discussion with her daughter, but has not. She should say that chicken pox is going around and since she is not vaccinated against it, she must stay home during the contagious period. This protects her daughter from not getting chicken pox and becoming another carrier.

But, mainly, it protects the other children in the school who are unable to be vaccinated or have other health issues which compromise their immune systems. Bad enough dealing with cancer. Then, she should explain to her daughter that without vaccinations, she is much more likely to catch chicken pox and other diseases. If she has chicken pox, she is more likely to get shingles when she is an adult.

The daughter is old enough to start understanding why her mother is making these choices for her.

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The daughter just might have a different opinion. What does your religious exemption have to do with vaccination? Maybe nothing and that was just mentioned as a way in which the school was already being accommodating? Anyway, as others have said, this is about herd immunity, and the child definitely should stay home. If the mother wants to know what to say to her child, maybe she should start with the truth. So, tell your child that she has to stay home because she is not vaccinated. Please tell her that not only is she at high risk of contracting a preventable disease, but when she gets it, she can then spread it to others.

If you want to religiously object to a vaccine, you are free to do so. This does not even make sense and no one has ever been able to explain this theory convincingly to me. So how on earth is an unvaccinated child a danger to yours? If my child gets sick, your vaccine should protect your child. Vaccines do not provide the protection people think they do. Fear fear and more fear — under the guise of caring about our society and children.

The world is bass awkwards my friends. People who participate in this public and social shaming are part of the problem. Telling people they are ignorant, stupid and uneducated because they choose not to vaccinate is, well, ignorant, stupid and uneducated. I have found that the anti vaccine folks are the only ones actually doing any independent research and thinking for themselves.

When you make an unconventional choice, you have to live with the consequences of that choice. So while chicken pox may not be that dangerous to your healthy child, her classmate who is immunosuppressed and cannot be vaccinated could die from chicken pox.

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It is selfish not to vaccinate. I almost lost my child to a disease that he was vaccinated against but came down with anyway. Had he not been vaccinated he most likely would not be here today. The vaccination did not prevent him from getting bacterial meningitis but it certainly helped prevent him from dying from it. I love Penn and Teller.

Tell them your reasons for choosing not to vaccinate your child against chicken pox. Let them know there is an active outbreak in your school and in order to prevent the spread of the disease, she has to stay home.

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Ask for a tutor. You made this decision based on your beliefs so you might as well own it and the face the consequences of an active outbreak of Chicken Pox in your community. It is not a pleasant disease to have either. That is why containing it, vaccinating against it, and eradicating it have been public health goals for years.

Tamara, no. You deserve what you get lady. These vaccinations are in the best interest of the children. Why would you want to expose your child to a helpe, that is wrong. Just give her the vaccination or you should pull her from school cuz this whole idea that you think religion is a good reason to keep your child from getting vaccinated is very irresponsible of you? Vaccinations are tough, I regularly avoid the flu vaccines every year and even though I get the yearly frown from my pediatrician my kids have survived well enough. Like most preventatives if you avoid them it comes with a cost, me I know that if I do get the flu then I will probably really feel it and so will my kids if they get it.

Call the teacher, see what you can do to keep your kid up to date and see about play dates so she keeps in contact with her classmates. Certainly there is controversy over whether they contribute to other problems. Was the CDC ready for ebola or were they busy putting in bike paths and doing studies on how monkeys communicate by flinging their poop?

Maybe some can handle more than others? Look at all the headstones for children. Most of them died of what are now preventable diseases. Tim- My daughter had chickenpox when she was 15 months old. When she was in 8th grade 3 girls in her class got shingles. They all 3 had the vaccine when they were babies. So the vaccine does NOT keep you from getting shingles.

They were all told they could get it again when they are older too. My sister was vaccinated lil the rest of us kids for MMR. She had measles and mumps and was til her titers were still low enough she could contract either of those diseases again. There is much more to health than just getting vaccinated. Why do I have to compromise my beliefs, which I think are right, by calling them beliefs you see, in order to adjust to your beliefs? Maybe your 90year old father should stay home if he fears illness. You can live in a bubble if you like.

Doctors and even science is not infallible — remember DES? Remember doctors smoking on tv? Telling you which cigarette band is the best for relaxation? Educate yourself and make an informed decision. Schools are petri dishes for germs. My personal cringe-fest is when I get the form that tells of a Lice outbreak. I want to take a shower after reading about nit infestations and what to look out for.

Shingles felt like I was wearing a stabby bra of safety pins with searing hot pain.

Extraordinary Warren: A Super Chicken (PIX) Extraordinary Warren: A Super Chicken (PIX)
Extraordinary Warren: A Super Chicken (PIX) Extraordinary Warren: A Super Chicken (PIX)
Extraordinary Warren: A Super Chicken (PIX) Extraordinary Warren: A Super Chicken (PIX)
Extraordinary Warren: A Super Chicken (PIX) Extraordinary Warren: A Super Chicken (PIX)
Extraordinary Warren: A Super Chicken (PIX) Extraordinary Warren: A Super Chicken (PIX)
Extraordinary Warren: A Super Chicken (PIX) Extraordinary Warren: A Super Chicken (PIX)
Extraordinary Warren: A Super Chicken (PIX) Extraordinary Warren: A Super Chicken (PIX)
Extraordinary Warren: A Super Chicken (PIX) Extraordinary Warren: A Super Chicken (PIX)

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