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God has left us instruction in His word. Every question in life can be answered with a verse. On the other hand, when we have a personal relationship with God and when we have a daily communion with his Holy Spirit, we will see a specific direction for every detail of our life. This is why two identical problems might sometimes have two different solutions in the Bible.

Before an army, God sometimes told the king to attack. At other times, He told him to do nothing, and watch God work. When you pray to God about finding a life partner, one night God will tell you to stay home, to correct one of your bad habits, and another night, God will tell you to go to a singles event. Kings could establish a very complex battle strategy, according to their human wisdom, experiences, and training.

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But they could also consult the Lord, and thus receive another way of proceeding. Divine wisdom is sometimes illogical or beyond human wisdom.

The Need for Divine Wisdom

God wants us to walk by the Spirit with His gifts. He wants us to move forward with His wisdom above all else. In finances, this could mean taking some savings and investing in a ministry or to encourage a brother or sister of your church. We must be constantly listening to his Spirit.

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  4. All the teachings you hear or read! If you cannot take the time to consult the Word of God or you do not want to follow the voice of the Holy Spirit, follow these tips!

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    A wise man will listen and not just listen but hears what is said and inferred. Develop the hearing nature.

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    A wise man learns from unlikely sources. Learning is a skill you are to develop because wisdom hides in unlikely places and sources.

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    A wise man gathers the experts to work for him. A wise man will hear and respect instructions. Disrespect for instructions is one of the first signs of foolishness and it leads to a crash. The wise loves rebuke.

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