Babes Amazen Grace (Robin Babe Mystery Novels Book 1)

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The nostalgic illustrations are the perfect compliment to this tale reminiscent of The Little Engine That Could. Find Little Toot at your local library. Mallard search for the perfect place in Boston to hatch their ducklings. They travel all over the city until they find a quaint little island on the Charles River.

Once their ducklings hatch, Mrs. Mallard teaches them how to swim, dive and walk in a straight row through the busy city streets. Watch your child smile and laugh with delight with this historic award-winner. Find Make Way for Ducklings at your local library. Hinton , illustrated by: Jacqueline Rogers - Bantam Books, pages. Powerful message of how family love overcomes sibling rivalry. The few illustrations are perfect for this well-told story. Reading level and content make it a great read-alone, even for reluctant readers.

Find The Puppy Sister at your local library. This book tells the story of a young boy whose Dad just happens to be a superhero.

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Children really like the cartoon illustrations. Stockton , illustrated by: P. Lynch - Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 50 pages. The Sorcerer hopes the poor shriveled man living among bees will make something better of his life next time. Students can predict what he will become years later. Find The Bee-Man of Orn at your local library. Children cannot get enough of the adventures of Jack and Annie, as they travel back in time in their tree house. The tree house is magical and filled with books on subjects such as dinosaurs, knights, Egypt, China, and volcanoes.

In this first adventure, Jack and Annie happen upon a book about dinosaurs. Before they know it, they are whisked back in time to 65 million years ago. Children get a lesson in history and experience an unforgettable adventure. Duck brings democracy and elections to the farm in a bid to avoid work. He abdicates the presidency to return to the farm and write his memoirs. A red, white, and blue delight! Find Duck for President at your local library.

Dude is the first in his Weird Planet series, featuring an alien family and their shenanigans on Earth. This is an exciting, rollicking story for readers who love adventure.

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This Caldecott Honor book presents an understated retelling of the Grimm classic. The story captures childhood fears and yearnings: abandonment, fantastic candy supplies and reuniting with loved ones. Classic folktales survive and are retold over and over because they serve the purpose of helping protect our children. Find Hansel and Gretel at your local library. Pardon me while I gush. This book is, by far, the most memorable early chapter-book of my childhood. My most highly recommended book on this list. He longs to be accepted and finally manages a way to earn their favor with quite a bang.

This is a delightful glimpse into the life and vocabulary of a pirate. Find Roger the Jolly Pirate at your local library. An action-packed and whimsically illustrated narrative describing the adventures of seven young boys. Aliens beware! Find Space Station Mars at your local library. Gathered from the various spots on the globe that make up the Hispanic heritage — from the Basques northeast and Celtic northwest corners of Spain through the Arab influences of southern Spain to the Americas, these 12 stories have been polished by the retellings from one generation to another; from grandmothers to grandchildren.

In this welcome addition to a folktale library, each story has an end-piece with specific information about the origins and versions of the tale.

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Zelinsky - Random House Children's Books, pages. Traction Man is a toy figure who protects his master and the world he lives in. Find Traction Man Is Here! This traditional folktale, from the Bini tribe of Nigeria, tells of a time not so long ago when the sky was so close that even the smallest child could reach right up and grab a piece to munch on. The sky got very angry and moved out of reach when the tribe became greedy and wasteful.

The accident-prone Mildred Hubble experiences a series of mishaps in witch school causing her humiliation, fear not much , and frustration. Children fall from broomsticks, are turned into animals by the wrong spells and threatened by a band of misfit witches.

Find The Worst Witch at School at your local library. Children will love this moving tale in which hope triumphs over evil. Despite the deplorable conditions in the camp, the prisoners use an improvised baseball game to keep their hope alive. Find Baseball Saved Us at your local library. The harshness of the Depression is kept mostly at bay in this book. Find Chig and the Second Spread at your local library. Peer through windows, unfold letters and open closet doors of dollhouses from the medieval times through the s. Search for 10 little boys in the pages of this book filled with information about dollhouses through the ages.

This is a beautifully sewn story of women who travel from slavery to freedom. There are historical references here that will need explaining, especially for younger kids, as will the information in the collages. There are some references to violence: a slave is killed, a silhouette of the capture of a runaway, news images from protest marches. Families who read this book could discuss the history. What was slavery and how did it end?

What happened to the freed slaves? What was the Civil Rights era? Find Show Way at your local library. Cam clearly remembers a boy in a green jacket standing very close to that same baseball, but can she prove it. All they have to do is find a certain master of disguise who loves to cook. Or stop a bank robber or even a dognapper. Suddenly, cracking the case is the name of the game!

Find Julian, Secret Agent at your local library. Jackson and Goat love trying to outsmart each other by creating treasure hunts for one another. But when Jackson misunderstands a clue, he lands Goat in hot water with his sister Rachel. Find The Seven Treasure Hunts at your local library. Creative surgery and sharing between friends puts Duckie back in action. Case closed.

Although older children and adults will certainly notice that several of the characters in the book wear yellow armbands with a Star of David, and that Brundibar, with his bristly, cropped mustache, bears a strong resemblance to Hitler, the historical context is not necessary to an appreciation of the story. Find Brundibar at your local library. Here, the world of building becomes even more up close and personal for one young boy and his construction worker father.

Find Building With Dad at your local library. Turner , illustrated by: Yan Nascimbene - Houghton Mifflin, 32 pages. Based on a true story, this touching tale pays tribute to a dog named Hachiko, who waited for nearly 10 years at a Tokyo train station for his master, who never returned.

Also tells about the bronze statue in Shibuya Station in Japan and the festival that is held every April, honoring this incredible canine. Inspired by a year old Ukrainian story, this tale teaches a lesson about the dangers of gossip, the power of words and how rumors can cause harm to others. For Chinese New Year, Sam receives the traditional token of a red envelope with money.


While out with his family, with the money burning a hole in his pocket, he sees a homeless man with no socks on his feet and no food to eat. Sam realizes that the right, lucky thing to do is to use his money to buy the man some socks. Find Sam and the Lucky Money at your local library. And, the reader will too.

Babes Amazen Grace (Robin Babe Mystery Novels Book 1) Babes Amazen Grace (Robin Babe Mystery Novels Book 1)
Babes Amazen Grace (Robin Babe Mystery Novels Book 1) Babes Amazen Grace (Robin Babe Mystery Novels Book 1)
Babes Amazen Grace (Robin Babe Mystery Novels Book 1) Babes Amazen Grace (Robin Babe Mystery Novels Book 1)
Babes Amazen Grace (Robin Babe Mystery Novels Book 1) Babes Amazen Grace (Robin Babe Mystery Novels Book 1)
Babes Amazen Grace (Robin Babe Mystery Novels Book 1) Babes Amazen Grace (Robin Babe Mystery Novels Book 1)
Babes Amazen Grace (Robin Babe Mystery Novels Book 1) Babes Amazen Grace (Robin Babe Mystery Novels Book 1)

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